Practical Welding


The Practical Welder Training course is tailored around the needs of the student. The training will be geared to meet the needs of the student welder, whether the student is a beginner welder or a skilled welder, who just needs to improve his technique in a particular area.

Practical welder training can be booked in blocks of a week to address the particular areas where the student requires training.

Training can be provided for practical welding with the following welding processes:

SMAW / MMA – Stick welding
GMAW / MIG / MAG – CO2 welding
GTAW / TIG welding – Argon welding
FCAW – Flux cored welding
SAW – Submerged arc welding

The SAIW assists companies to produce high quality welds and increase productivity through training by highly skilled instructors. Courses can be developed to suit company or individual requirements at the SAIW Practical Training School, which can accommodate up to 40 candidates.

Training can be undertaken for welding in all positions. At the end of the training period, a welder qualification in accordance with any of the fabrication standards (e.g. ASME IX, AWS D1.1, ISO 9606) can be undertaken and issued on a successful result.


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Course Information

Training can be undertaken from fillet, plate and pipe welding using one process and achieving one position.

Main Processes

SMAW Shielded Metal Arc (also known as MMA – Manual Metal Arc in Europe)
GMAW Gas Metal Arc (also known as MIG/MAG – Inert and Active Gas)
GTWA Gas Tungsten Arc (also known as TIG – Tungsten Inert Gas)
FCAW Flux Cored Arc

Main Positions

Fillet welder 1F, 2F, 3F and 4F
Plate welder 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G
Pipe welder 5G and 6G

Castings, Special materials

Welding of castings, welding of alloy steels, oxy-fuel welding and brazing, oxy-fuel cutting, stove pipe welding

Access Conditions

Entry Requirements: None

  • Appropriate health, physical and mental capability is assumed as well as good eye-hand coordination is essential.
  • Access to higher levels is allowed providing the candidate successfully demonstrates the required practical skill
  • Candidates are to supply their own personal protective equipment (safety boots, flame retardant overall).
  • For Castings and Special Materials, consumables are to be supplied by candidate attending
  • Training is based on carbon steel and for any other material prior arrangements need to be made.
  • Please inform us 10 days prior to commencement of training your choice of type, grade of material and dimensions

Costs & Bookings

Practical Welder Training :
R5 800 per week (including VAT)

Special Materials :

Welding of castings, Welding of alloy steels, Oxy-fuel welding and brazing, Oxy-fuel cutting, Stove pipe welding.

R 5 800 per week (For Castings and Special Alloys Material and Consumables are to be supplied by candidate attending.

Add 30% to price list for training using Aluminium or Stainless Steel suppplied by SAIW or student to supply own material.

Please inform us 10 days prior to commencement of training your choice of type, grade of material and dimensions.

Courses run weekly Monday – Friday.

To confirm booking full payment is required.



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