International Welding Practitioner


Access conditions

90% attendance at an SAIW Certification approved IWP training course run by an Approved Training Body (ATB)



Closed book multiple choice examinations to be written on completion of each module, covering the complete scope of each module.


The practical examination consists of:

a. Two test pieces welded in more than one process or more than one group of materials.
b. The test pieces all have to be single side welds without backing with the exception of aluminium test pieces where backing is allowed.
c. The acceptance standard will be ISO 9606 or EN287-1 or ASME Section IX
d. Valid national welding certificates are accepted as replacements for the practical examination provided that they meet the requirements in a, b and c above

Scope of examinations

Module 1: Welding processes and equipment
Module 2: Materials and their behaviour during welding
Module 3: Construction and design
Module 4: Fabrication, applications engineering

Duration of examination

Theory: 0.5 hours minimum per module
Practical: Three hours

Minimum pass mark

Theory: 60% in each module
Practical: Successful completion of the required test pieces and acceptance to the selected code or standard

Rewrite Fees

Subject 2011 Rewrite per paper
International Welding Practitioner
R 1 240

All examination fees are inclusive of VAT. First-round examination fees are included in course fees (see Course information under Training).

Application Form


Download the application form here




For further details

Please contact the Certification Administrator:
Nasreen Mohamed
+27 (0)11 298 2108
+27 (0)11 836 4132