Penetrant Testing (PT) – Durban

Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) is a NDT testing method utilising the capillary forces of a medium to locate surface-breaking indications in materials.  These defects may arise in castings, forgings, rolled products or other processed materials and welds, either in the manufacturing process or in service.  Detection of defects is dependent on the practical skill and care of the inspector and the development of these skills forms part of the training programme.

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Durban Course Dates 

Penetrant Testing (PT) Level 1

Group 1Group 2Group 3
Training12 – 15 Feb03 – 06 Apr03 – 06 Sep
Exam16 Feb07 Apr07 Sep

Penetrant Testing (PT) Level 2

Group 1Group 2
Training16 – 19 Apr20 – 23 Aug
Exam20 Apr24 Aug

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