IIW Welding Specialist – Durban

The Welding Specialist course, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14731 and other international standards, is aimed at equipping a candidate with the necessary skills and technical knowledge to plan, execute, supervise and test welding operations within a limited technical field involving simple welded constructions.

Welding supervisors and coordinators make a valuable contribution to welding operations with regards to cost, quality, productivity and safety. The course is specifically aimed at supervisors and coordinators but is also suitable for candidates involved in training and technical sales.

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Durban Course DatesĀ 

Group 1
Practical Welding 15 – 24 May
Welding Processes and Equipment 03 – 10 Jul
Materials and their behaviour during welding 08 – 18 Aug
Construction and Design 26 – 29 Sep
Fabrication, Applications and Engineering 2 3 Oct – 01 Nov

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